An adventure in illustration

Inspired by childhood memories of whimsical story books brought to life by captivating illustration, the Villa Nova studio have collaborated with three talented children's picture book illustrators; Frann Preston-Gannon, Christopher Corr and Yuval Zommer to recreate the joy of children's books in an enchanting collection of fun fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories bursting with wondrous creatures and scenes from far away places.

Chapter 1

Frann Preston-Gannon illustrates her way through the lush and exotic Amazon rainforest meeting the chattering monkeys and fanciful birds that call it their home. Dive deep into the ocean and see the sea turtles dance in the seaweed. Shoals of twirling fish and playful seals swim beneath the frozen Arctic as the polar bears float happily on the ice above.

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Chapter 2

Take a trip with illustrator Christopher Corr to explore the majestic pink city in India, visit busy downtown New York and island hop around the Mediterranean. Be dazzled by Christopher’s quirky multi-coloured characters, slinky taverna cats and blazing sunshine faces.

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Chapter 3

Get a bug’s eye view with Yuval Zommer, a world crawling with teeny ladybugs, fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees awaits. Splish splash in the duck ponds, leap with the frogs, chuckle with the chickens and explore the park with your canine chums. Experience the wonder of nature through Yuval’s colourful illustrations.

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