Horto Outdoor Outdoor Prints and Weaves

Horto invites you on a joyful journey.

Unmissable and imaginative, a host of distinct designs and artistic patterns create a colourful, modern atmosphere. Carefree but curated, iconic Villa Nova designs, Hana and Norrland, also return in all their creative glory, alongside a simple, subtle sheer and elegant plain. In a palette inspired by the most stylish of coastlines, intense hues and rustic shades give rhythm to exterior décor.

Designed to enjoy and endure, this blissful, high-performance collection offers an upbeat quirkiness and pots of personality. Whether on a sunlounger, next to a pool or under a pergola, the practical, easy-care features ensure outdoor suitability, whilst also being suitable for captivating indoor* schemes.

*UK Only – Fabrics do not conform with UK fire retardancy regulations for indoor upholstery.