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Florence - Press Release Thoughtfully created with drapery in mind, Florence is a wide-width, lightweight plain. Download PDF
Vienna - Press Release Designed with modern lifestyles in mind, this chunky, characterful weave sees twisted yarns with tonal variation create a wonderful rustic look, with each colourway, whether neutral or bold, boasting its own richness and personality. Download PDF
Kempton - Press Release Kempton is Villa Nova’s latest range of essential weaves. Tactile in nature, beautiful in appearance and timeless in design, Kempton is a truly homely collection. Download PDF
Abloom Cushions & Throws - Press Release An integral element to interior design, Villa Nova’s new accessories work together beautifully and are designed to complement any interior. Download PDF
Abloom - Press Release Inspired by the rustic charm of garden gathered bouquets, a variety of expressive, tactile embroideries bring the beauty of homegrown flowers indoors. Complementary, modern patterns round off this feature collection for delightful, whole-room schemes. Download PDF
Danxia - Press Release Taking inspiration from a side of nature rarely explored by the brand, the Danxia collections features textures and patterns that recall the irregularities and shine of geological formations and precious metals, and harmoniously contrasts light and shade, structure and fluidity. Download PDF
Horto Outdoor - Press Release The exterior takes centre stage this season with Villa Nova’s first collection of outdoor fabrics and trimmings. Download PDF
Etena - Press Release Made entirely from recycled polyester, Etnea presents three, delightfully charming, recycled sheers. Understate yet elegant, this concise collection blends decorative effects, supple textures and timeless colours in perfect alchemy. Download PDF
Palmero - Press Release The perfect combination of attention to the environment, desirability and practicality, Palermo and Bari, are two versatile and desirable recycled weaves. Available in an assortment of on-trend shades, this usable duo is essential for a modern textiles library. Download PDF
Rio - Press Release A carnival of colour, Villa Nova’s latest plain velvet, Rio, is available in a palette of infinite possibilities. Download PDF
Serene Wallcoverings - Press Release A stylish, versatile collection of understated designs, this collection is the ultimate go-to library. Download PDF
Reverie - Press Release The Reverie collection of prints and embroideries takes inspiration from dreamscapes of hazy memories, that are punctuated with vibrant colours. Download PDF