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Trend: May Blossom

Take inspiration from the outdoors this spring. Delicate shades of blossom pink sit perfectly alongside splashes of fresh green and aqua. Boost the palette with a hint of metallic with the introduction of Mani sheer for a modern twist.

Get the Palette: 1. V3254/05 Alder Bramble, 2, V3251/01 Mani Porcini, 3. V3252/01 Dellen Dew, 4. V3258/01 Arlon Fountain, 5. 1043/252 Seville Briar, 6. 1043/241 Seville Baltic 7. V3257/06 Vardo Mallow, 8. 1043/237 Seville Peppermint, 9. V3257/11 Vardo Dew 10. V3257/13 Vardo Cilantro, 11. 1043/254 Seville Caspia 12.V3248/06 Marka Ice

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