Reverie Prints and Embroideries

Wandering in a dreamscape interrupted by reverberations of familiarity and etherealised by hazy moments of reflection. The Reverie collection takes a little time for a daydream.

A resplendent sheer featuring a hazy vison of a walk in the fields depicting full blooms bathed in light with lush vegetation of landscapes past. Splashy inky floral prints with bold watercolour effects sit with entwining leaf trails rendered with energetic brush strokes that capture a sense of liberation. These vivid designs are balanced by diffused, abstract patterns that have the fluidity of rippling water. Emerging from this transient scene are striking embroideries with eruptions of unexpected colour.
The Reverie collection is coloured in a palette that has a brightness and optimistic freshness that breathes delight and luminosity into a scheme. This intoxicating palette offers a variety of creative decorating possibilities.